What is the best van in Japan?

  Recently, my brain just asked me a ridicukous question, saying “Ok me, I know that Japanese cars are alsways legid, but what is the best Japanese van?” I have no idea why he asked such a mysterious thing to me, but I have to answer this, since my brain is my soul mate after all.
  Althoguh I really like Japanese cars, I do not know much about vans because I am not a business man. So what I come up in my mind first was Toyota Hiace van. Assuming, most of you already be aware of Hiace Van because of its popularity. And then, probably I should mention Vanette van and Probox van also.
  In my guess, vanette van and probox van are in amazing functionality and appearance, but they might kill your badget overly. Considering all that indicated, I have to generally suggest hiace van.
  It does not have stunning features, but you guys… this is a Japanese car, meaning it has a highly sustainable body and satisfying enough usability. And to the last, but not least, the price is promisingly reasonable.
  So, my brain, go check Hiace van first.